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Parking Space Defense

By Aaron Howell

“Because we have and they have not! ….
Because they want what we have got ….
That’s why we build the wall!”

- Hades, "Why We Build the Wall", Hadestown

In uncertain times like these, nothing is safe. Petty thieves, criminals, or even your own neighbors can pose a threat to your land, your property, and your family. It is with this attitude in mind that I present what I deem to be an appropriate escalation path in order to protect your land.

  1. The security camera: If you suspect that your neighbor may be parking on your land, but have insufficient proof, a security camera is a strong first step. These cameras can be had for only a few dollars on Amazon, and while they do nothing to protect your parking space, they can alert you when your space is being trespassed, which is considered by some to be a useful feature. This will not be a deterrent, but it can provide proof, which is necessary in order to proceed to the second phase.
  2. The humble sawhorse: The sawhorse sends a clear message to trespassers: don’t park here. It presents a physical barrier to passage, which requires some effort to move. Moving the sawhorse is grounds for confrontation, which makes the sawhorse a powerful tool for one who wishes to escalate conflict. Sawhorses are readily available and cheap, which makes them an effective second step.
  3. Spike strips: Your neighbors won’t be parking on your land if they can’t drive their car anymore! Spike strips are the safest way to disable your neighbor’s car. This isn’t bulletproof, however: there is the possibility that the neighbor’s car could become disabled on your land, which is why this is best used on a steep hill where the car can easily be rolled away.
  4. The Czech Hedgehog: Originally intended for use against light to medium-sized armored vehicles, the Czech hedgehog is more than capable of defending your parking spot. All that is required to build one is a few steel I-beams and some welding equipment, meaning they can be deployed almost anywhere. This will definitely send the message to your neighbors that they’d better stay off your property.

By following this order of escalation, you should have no trouble keeping trespassers off of your parking spaces. And it is your duty to do so; even a rarely used bit of property needs to be kept out of the hands of your neighbors, lest they get the impression that it is theirs to use. And above all else, DO NOT attempt to have a conversation about it; this has proven time and again to be ineffective.

This is not to be taken as legal advice.

Published June 23, 2021