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VUCMA (or, as it is sometimes written, VUCA) was created many years ago as a children's summer camp. Not much is known about VUCMA's time as a summer camp. Sometime between about 1920 and 1990 it made the transition from being a summer camp to being a slightly isolationist homeowners' association. Presumably someone knows how this change occurred, but I sure don't!

VUCMA aspires to witness to non-Christians by keeping them at a safe distance and showing them how Christians get along with each other. Ministries include a $300 annual donation of a pile of gravel to the local golf course and treating contractors kindly when they come to chop down our trees. VUCMA members also make daily contributions to the local watershed as a way to give back to nature.

Disclaimer: This website is intended to satirize VUCMA, and does not represent the association.

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